Management instruction at Sunderland Enterprise Park

Naylors were appointed by the directors of SEP (Sunderland Enterprise Park) to assist them in reviewing and rationalising the management and collection of the service charge for this estate. The Enterprise Park was developed by Tyne and Wear Development Corporations in the mid/late 80’s on the former  Austin and Pickersgill ship yard to the west of Sunderland City Centre.

The instruction resulted in the management team at Naylors pulling together a schedule of all of the land interests across the 14-acre development.

Over a period of 12 months and working closely with McKenzie Bell solicitors of Sunderland and the SEP management team, all of the legal titles were reviewed and contact was made with all of the owners to confirm identity and advise of their obligations under their ownership.

Working closely with SEP, expenditure on the park was reviewed questioned and rationalised, with advice given by Naylors to the SEP Directors on their contractual obligations.

This resulted in a budget being set for the expenditure on the park which was presented and agreed with directors and then issued to all site owners for agreement.

Following clarification on the budget it was agreed that the management team at SEP led by Angela Raine, would continue to manage the provision of services on the site and Naylors would be responsible for the invoicing and collection of service charge and issuing of expenditure reports.

This service is now up and running and site owners now receive an annual budget which they can review.  This clearly sets out the expenditure planned on the park and a clear presentation of their cost contribution.

Angus White, Managing Director and Head of Asset & Property Management at Naylors, advises that whilst this was not a standard management instruction, the fact that the team could adapt and advise the client on such a complex set of circumstances and achieve the client objective of providing a transparent and fully accountable provision of services shows the width of service skill and knowledge in the department.


Angus White

Managing Partner - Property Management