How we can help keep the costs of running your building to a minimum

November 2016

The Facilities Management team at Naylors are experts in the field of utility contracts, which helps to keep the costs of running our buildings to a minimum.

Communal Areas

Every property which requires the services of a managing agent has at least one gas and electric supply. The communal areas within a property are the responsibility of the landlord and will normally incorporate some form of heating and lighting.  Each tenant will also have their own supply within their suite which is their responsibility.

Competitive Rates

Within our Facilities Management department we have a dedicated team, committed to searching the energy market for the best possible contract rates and deals for clients to keep communal utility bills to a minimum.  We calculate utility consumption of the building throughout the year and then search the market for the best price based on the building’s annual usage.  This is the most accurate way to save on energy costs.

Details of the supply, location and annual usage are provided to all utility providers for quotes which are analysed and followed by negotiations on the best contract available.

We will then monitor the prices and terms throughout the contract to avoid any unnecessary costs or surprises.

We will always diarise the contract end date three months in advance in order to terminate the existing contract and tender again, this helps avoid unnecessary automatic out of contract rates.  These rates can increase to a minimum of 50% if a contract is not agreed before contract end date.


Many properties provide a service whereby the landlord pays for the electricity for the whole building and then recharges tenants for their particular usage.

Naylors can manage this whole process from taking monthly sub meter reads, calculating each tenant’s usage and recharging the tenants on a monthly basis.

Vacant Spaces

We also provide the same service for clients on any vacant suites, reducing the energy costs to this particular suite to a minimum until re-let.  Again the same tendering process is carried out but on zero usage, with providers quoting on standing charge prices only.  These charges are essential to keeping the supply active until the suite is re-let.  Disconnecting and reconnecting supplies can incur huge unnecessary costs from providers.

Change of Tenancy

Naylors Facilities Management team also manage the process of any change of tenancy within a property including tenants vacating or starting occupation.  All relevant forms are completed with final meter reads in order for the process to be as smooth as possible.  This also applies to properties which are purchased or sold.

For more information on Facilities Management please contact Emma Robinson on 0191 211 1543 or email

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