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Asset Management

Our Asset Management service is focused on thoroughly understanding an investor’s requirements before offering any advice.

Working with our Investment Agency team, we tailor our services to each individual property’s needs and owner’s objectives, drawing from both our wealth of experience and the resources of our integrated service platform.

Our priority is ensuring that all existing and new property investment opportunities are thoroughly reviewed and an Asset Management Plan is agreed and put in place with the client.

An Asset Management Plan will identify all of the risks and opportunities for each individual property and will provide a course of action to minimise risks, maximise opportunities and identify any times when the property is considered suitable for disposal.  In addition to the initial plan, we will also provide a monthly Management Report and a quarterly Asset Management review.

Naylors Gavin Black have the resources and skill set within the practice to undertake all of the Management, Agency, Building Consultancy and Lease Advisory services to ensure the Asset Management Plan is delivered effectively.

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